Online Community Events

From the Archdiocese of Denver,

The quarantine and limited access to the Eucharist, I am sure is frustrating to many of the people who regularly attend Mass and are eager to delve more and more into the faith.  Deacon Darell Nepil’s son Steve,  who works at Holy Cross Parish in Syracuse New York, has built a program for faith formation during this confinement period with the coronavirus.  It can help with those in your parish that want guidance on what to do during this time. 

This is also a family site and provides faith formation based on different ages and segments of the faith community.  It would be a great site for family formation.  A good suggestion would be to pass this on to your parishioners and suggest that this tool would be great for helping fill their time while being confined to their houses.

I would also suggest that you invited them to contact you with questions or insights to the program.

It can be located at the following web address:

St. Joseph pray for us and intercede for us to Your Holy Foster Son

In Christ,

Deacon Joe