Bulletin 2021

Next Sunday, the fourth Sunday of September, is a special day set aside to honor priesthood in the United States.  It is a day to reflect upon and affirm the role of the priest as central to the life of the Church. This event offers an opportunity for all parishioners to express our appreciation and support to our priests for their service to the Church, and especially our parish. Seek your own way to express your individual recognition and appreciation at next weekend’s mass.  This nationwide event is coordinated and sponsored by Serra International, an organization of lay men and women whose mission is to foster and affirm vocations to the ministerial priesthood and vowed religious life in the United States.

If you would like to enroll your child in Sacramental Preparation at St. Rita Catholic Church please fill out the following for and drop it by our office or mail to:

St. Rita’s Catholic Church

P.O. Box 901

326 Highway 119

Nederland, CO 80466

(303) 258- 3066

Children’s Religious Education Program


I am Registering my student for (please check only one; this is a two-year program):

        First Reconciliation (2nd grade; prerequisite for Confirmation and First Holy Communion)

       Confirmation and First Holy Communion (3rdgrade)

        Other______________________ (Preschool age, Older Students or special exceptions)

Student’s Full Baptismal Name:__________________________________________________


Birth Date:________   Age:_______ Grade:________ School:__________________________

Mailing Address:______________________________________________________________

Home Phone/ Best Number: _____________________________________________________

Mother’s name (include address & phone if different from child’s)

Father’s name (include address & phone if different from child’s)

Baptismal Church___________________________________________

Church City & State_________________________________________

Baptismal Date_________________* Please attach a copy of student’s certificate of Baptism

Other Sacraments Received_______________________________________________________

Any Significant health concerns or needs we should know about?


Emergency Contact:____________________________________________________________

Are you registered at St. Rita’s? ____________

Parent Signature________________________________________________________________

Welcome Families☺

Religious Ed. Class Begins__________ We will meet every Sunday, after 9:30 Mass. Class will be held in the Basement from 10:45-11:45 am. Your Child needs to complete all assignments prior to next class. Your child will keep the book at the end of year. 

Children and Parents are expected to attend Mass each Sunday. School vacations, Holidays & Snow days may interrupt this schedule.

If your child is ill or will be absent, please notify your teacher, Jeannette Smith, (303) 258-3580 or Karla Canales (805) 709-2185

Thank you for registering your child for religious education!

St. Rita’s Church follows the Archdiocese of Denver restored order of sacraments. This two-year program starts with First Reconciliation. After a child receives that sacrament in the spring, then he or she can advance to the Confirmation and First Holy Communion class in the fall.

Note: Preschool Age classes are offered before the two-year program.